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What can Promotional Products mean to your business – cost savings.and high visibility

August 20, 2012

The Power of Promotional Products – Here are some interesting facts to support the effectiveness of this form of marketing & advertising.

1. Consumers like promotional products
According to a 2009 PPAI survey, consumers are fans of promotional products – 83% of the consumers surveyed said they like receiving a promotional product with an advertising message and 48% would like to receive them more often. The more useful the product is, the more likely consumers are to take and keep it. In fact, 91% of those surveyed said they had at least one promotional product in their kitchen and 74% keep at least one promotional product in their work area.

2. Promotional products make a lasting impact
Not only do the vast majority of consumers like receiving promotional products, but according to ASI research, 83% of recipients say they can identify the advertiser on a promotional item they own. Think about your favorite items at home or in your office and I bet you can name the advertiser, as well as what you like about that particular product.

3. Promotional products save money
For the average business owner, promotional products are only a fraction of the cost per impression of primetime TV, radio and print advertising. But they make a long-lasting impression with higher brand name recall rates and a higher likelihood of consumers purchasing an item as part of promotional product marketing. In fact, according to PPAI research, consumers made a purchase after receiving a promotional product (20.9 percent) more often than after viewing a print ad (13.4 percent), TV commercial (7.1 percent), or online (4.6 percent).

4. The promotional products industry helps create jobs
Not only do our products make a difference to consumers, but we’re also an industry of nearly 500,000 people throughout North America. This includes thousands of small businesses, family-owned operations and minority- and women-owned businesses.


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